MyAssist responds your way.

The MyAssist® division of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection provides flexible and secure integration to our CRM through client-customized web APIs using XML, JSON, REST or SOAP. 

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We invest in emerging contact-center technology; currently, we take service requests from phone, email, SMS, Twitter, WebChat, or Facebook Messenger, and responds via the most appropriate channel – including push messaging. MyAssist can tailor solutions to a client’s needs.

We accept geographic location from vehicles and GPS-enabled smartphones, and provide POI data relevant to client location. Future enhancements will provide location awareness for non-GPS enabled devices. We continually evolve our capabilities to provide a more positive and relevant user experience.

MyAssist utilizes a robust CRM platform that integrates with partners’ platforms to create the richest and most intuitive customer experience possible. The supporting software runs on leading industry-standard server and database platforms, utilizing a market leader in session-initiation-protocol (SIP)-enabled IP-PBX.

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We pride ourselves on knowing your customers’ most important preferences. Our rich database holds the information we need to wow your customers when they contact us – and the more your customers contact us, the better we get at finding their just-right solution.

We understand the value of the data we collect for our business partners. That’s why we’ll never compromise, share or sell member data. We go above and beyond to protect the integrity of our customer information.

MyAssist’s location intelligence uses GPS to find customers’ current location and service their requests accordingly.

This technology coupled with our CRM allows MyAssist to add dimension to customer records, giving the agent the ability to supply information on nearby points of interest, and directions on how to get there. We can extend this service to include concierge services like restaurant reservations or event-ticket procurement. We can even help finding something as prosaic as the nearest gas station or dog groomer.