Take your cutting-edge technology from the drawing board to the dashboard with world-class service from MyAssist®. MyAssist can design a service-based solution for your vehicle-specific delivery system. Anything from roadside assistance to full-scale concierge service is possible, thanks to MyAssist’s flexible fulfillment center and 24/7/365 commitment to assisting your customers. Discover what most leading OEMs and telematics providers already know: MyAssist is a difference-maker.


MyAssist can help with:

  • Emergency services and roadside assistance 
  • Directions
  • Travel alerts
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Reservations of all types – hotel, restaurant, flight 
  • Show and game tickets
  • Weather alerts and notifications
  • Assistance in and out of vehicle


MyAssist is built around service – emergency services, concierge services, and special requests. Your customers contact MyAssist from anywhere in the world, at any time, using calls, texts, emails, WebChat, Facebook, Twitter, or your telematics system. Then we go to work, delivering location-based service via the most appropriate channel, with the safety and security of a live operator. And our massive database grows bigger and more relevant with every interaction.



MyAssist can be labeled with your brand, building and extending customer engagement and relationships. Our services become an extension of your brand, right down to the operator answering the call with your signature statement.



MyAssist has been easily and successfully configured for and integrated with major-maker telematics systems. We have the know-how to work with your system and make it world-class. 


Retention and Loyalty

MyAssist increases brand loyalty and can drastically reduce customer-acquisition costs.


Fleet Management

MyAssist gives fleet managers an effective personnel-efficiency tool that also integrates into driver recruitment and retention programs. Our 24/7 live-agent support mitigates risk by reducing distracted driving and by ensuring policies and procedures are followed when accidents and emergencies occur.

MyAssist can pinpoint drivers’ locations, helping you keep your check-in and emergency-assistance programs running smoothly, and can increase fleet productivity through improved time management. We can manage driver/employee check-in and status updates as well as scheduling and route checks.

We provide real-time assistance and customized telematics solutions for our clients 24/7/365.