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Global Connected Service Solutions

Many of the world's most respected companies and organizations trust MyAssist to connect their employees, members and customers to the resources and services they need, at the time they need help most. MyAssist is changing the face of global concierge & personal concierge services. Through technical integration and live personal support, MyAssist works with our partners to differentiate your organization and improve brand loyalty among your customers, members, or employees.

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  • Global Concierge Services
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  • Travel Assistance
  • Emergency Support

Concierge Services

You ask — we answer. Whether you're looking for dinner reservations, concert tickets, flowers for that special someone, or a truly out-of—the-ordinary request, MyAssist is here to help make it happen.

Call Center Services

We respond to customers immediately, picking up each call within three to seven seconds. But answering the phone is only the beginning. We go beyond the call to give your customers precise information faster — the information you specify — carrying your brand messaging.

Product Support

Our sophisticated information systems display your product details — and our service experts take it from there, providing world-class support seamlessly and economically. It’s like your call center … only with our customer-service experts. Click to learn more.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistance services provide the competitive edge your business needs, whether provided as a unique perk to key employees, delivered as a value-added service to top customers, or made the centerpiece of a sales promotion. We can customize personal assistance services to your business or promotional needs … and it all carries your label.

Travel Assistance

Effective travel assistance depends on quick response and the experience to know where to go to answer the toughest travel challenges. MyAssist’s founder, John Noel, created modern travel assistance. His experience carries through to his knowledgeable service advisers. Leverage the experience of MyAssist and make it yours through private labeling. Click to learn more.

Emergency Support

When it really matters, don’t trust emergency support to just anyone. Depend on MyAssist. Our experts identify the problem, pinpoint the location, and get the right help to you faster. And private labeling associates MyAssist directly with your brand. We offer:

Natural Disaster Recovery

Make sure your business recovery plan includes MyAssist. We know who to call and where you can go, and we’ll steer you through the process to a drier, warmer, safer place.

Personal/Family Connection

MyAssist can help with the most important emergency service of all: getting your key people in touch with loved ones after a disaster.

Roadside Assistance

When you’re stuck, MyAssist can get you unstuck. We arrange for towing and repair wherever and whenever you happen to be.

Medical Connection

Finding quality medical care can't be left to chance when your employees are away from home. MyAssist medical assistance connects them with the best, closest, most appropriate medical facility.

Travel Evacuation Assistance

When the unthinkable strikes and conventional communication fails, rely on MyAssist. Typhoons, tidal waves, earthquakes, and tornadoes — MyAssist has been through it all, and has the skill and connections to get your people out of harm’s way.